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Find a career that loves you back

At Cornerstone Care Community Health Centers, we believe in mission-driven healthcare that makes a world of difference in our employees' lives and the lives of those most in need.

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Provide outpatient psychotherapy to individuals, couples, or groups for individuals including child, adolescent, and adult. Conduct a thorough clinical assessment of the patient, which results in a diagnosis, appropriate treatment recommendations, and treatment goals. Counseling services are provided in person at the outpatient sites or via telemedicine. 

Build relationships with patients by providing excellent service, in our medical, dental, or vision locations. Perform an efficient process of patient visits, insurance verification, registration, and scheduling appointments.  

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Examines, diagnoses according to DSM criteria, and treats patients according to standard of care, state and federal regulations and Cornerstone Care policies.

Provide excellent patient care by demonstrating best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of eye-related disorders and conditions. Optometrists will conduct eye exams, and prescribe, fit, and adjust vision aids. They will also make recommend patient follow-up care.

Provides exceptional care with preventative and restorative treatments that affect the mouth and teeth. Dentists will conduct exams, create treatment plans and make recommendations based on a patient's unique needs.