Importance of Eye Care

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Passion for Vision: A Close Look at Optometry at Cornerstone Care

Since the introduction of Optometry services at Cornerstone Care Community Health Centers in July 2020, this care offering has rapidly grown. Cornerstone now has three flourishing locations: one in Greene County, and two in Fayette County, and we are also excited to announce a fourth location will open in Washington County in 202

Role of optometry in integrated care

Our mission is to improve the health of our patients and residents of our community with special concern for the underserved. We passionately advocate for healthcare accessibility for all. To fulfill our commitment, we provide high-quality, affordable healthcare designed to meet the community’s medical and vision needs.

Currently, we have a dedicated vision team of two optometrists, one Vision Manager, and four support staff. This team develops and fosters meaningful relationships with patients, enhancing the overall health and well-being of our community. Testimonials from both patients and employees highlight the deep, personal connections formed at Cornerstone Care.

Vision patients greatly value Cornerstone’s integrated services approach to care, which enables their providers to gain a more comprehensive picture of their health. As Dr. Jeffrey Weaver, OD, one of Cornerstone’s optometrists, explains, connected care is a benefit to patients and providers. “Through our electronic records, I can coordinate vision care alongside the patient’s primary care doctors as I can see what care has been delivered and what tests have been performed. At Cornerstone, we are close enough as a team that we can easily communicate if we need to discuss what might be in the patient’s best interest going forward. Plus, if something goes beyond the treatment we can offer, our vision team works closely with subspecialists in the area in the case a patient needs surgery or other treatment.”

The Community and Patients

It is anticipated that roughly 20 million more routine and medical eye exams will be required in 2025 than were needed in 2015. At Cornerstone, we served more than 1,200 patients in 2022 providing eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and ocular disease management. With a growing and aging U.S. population, we know the need for these services will continue to rise. Recognizing the need to meet the increased demand, we are currently hiring to expand our vision team in Washington and Connellsville.

For those interested in joining the team, this is a work environment that loves you back. “I don’t believe I have been in a setting where there was a greater need than this community and the patients that I take care of in our office. It is truly an underserved population, and I am happy to be delivering the care that so many need,” shared Dr. Weaver.

Be part of our team and make a difference.

At Cornerstone, you can make a real, meaningful difference. Lori Bonalewicz, Supervising Assistant on the vision team says, “Every time I see the look on a small child's face when they put their glasses on for the first time and can see clearly, or an adult that finds the frame that truly makes them happy, I know that what I do here at Cornerstone Care Vision Center makes a difference in the quality of a patient’s life.”

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