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Welcome to HONEY! A Sweet Approach to Healthy Living

We're thrilled to introduce our HONEY program - Healthy Options, Nutrition, Exercise, and Youth – where 200 students and 50 adults are embarking on a transformative journey toward wellness in Greene County, PA. Our goal is to not only make healthy choices accessible but also desirable.

It is our mission and passion to help our community integrate healthy habits into daily life. To gauge effectiveness, we talk openly to our participants, track attendance, conduct surveys, and gather insightful data using activity trackers. We understand that wellness is not one-size-fits-all, and we are here to walk this path beside you. As Dillon Shields, Honey Program Coordinator explains , “A healthy lifestyle involves many details. Adequate sleep, proper diet, exercise, mental health and much more add up to a healthy lifestyle. Through Cornerstone Care’s HONEY program, this lifestyle can be met. HONEY is here to help with healthy options, nutrition, exercise, and the youth. A program that will accommodate everyone to the best of their abilities. A free chance to improve your health journey and others around you.”

Healthy Options

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is not just important –– it is essential for creating complete well-being. This includes how we treat our bodies with the foods we eat, the exercise we engage in, and the care we take to ensure mental and emotional balance. HONEY addresses each of these elements to ensure you can live life to the fullest.


At HONEY, we promote the concept of 'Go foods,' 'Slow foods,' and 'Woah foods' to guide healthy eating habits. Picture this: 'Go foods' are your green light. These are foods that are guilt-free and nutrient-dense ––they are encouraged anytime. 'Slow foods' are your yellow signal. These are for occasional consumption in moderation. And lastly, 'Woah foods' are considered a red light. These foods should be eaten rarely or on special occasions. You can consider them a cherry on top of your well-balanced diet.

We believe in teaching these principles to children from an early age to lay the foundation for a healthy life. To support this initiative, a registered dietitian available to Greene County schools, offering guidance and helping your child navigate their nutritional journey. And because we know that a hands-on learning experience provides the most lasting impact, we offer free cooking classes to students, where they will learn to whisk, chop, and sizzle their way to skillful, health-conscious eating while building these practical skills. 


Exercise is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle , offering a multitude of benefits for both body and mind. It's not just about staying in shape; it's about boosting your mood, enhancing cognitive function, and strengthening your overall well-being.

To help with motivation and accountability, when you join HONEY, you'll receive a free Fitbit Inspire 2 for a full year. This incredible tool allows you to track your fitness progress, capturing results and motivating you through each step along your journey. It also offers a social feature enabling you to connect with friends and family to champion your progress or compete in some healthy competition and push each other towards your fitness goals.

HONEY also offers free fitness classes. We are dedicated to making exercise fun and rewarding for you. Our expert instructors are on hand to help create customized fitness plans that work for you. With an array of options, we strive to make exercising a fun activity, allowing it to become a rewarding part of your routine.


To help children learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we teach CATCH curriculum, standing for “Coordinated Approach to Child Health.” CATCH schools are dedicated to helping kids eat a more nutritious diet and encouraging regular physical activity.

At HONEY, we provide after-school programs and activities. Dillon from HONEY shared his enthusiasm for helping the next generation, “Working with the youth is by far the best part of my job. To give back to the area I grew up in is something people dream about. Being an outlook for some kids whether it’s in the kitchen, gym, or a simple high five. Through HONEY I can not only impact someone’s health journey but, I can impact their whole life.”

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When you sign up for HONEY, you gain access to Cornerstone Care’s network of providers to assist with any medical questions or concerns. To ensure care is always within reach, The Honey Team provides participants in the Greene County school districts with regualar screenings including depression screenings, and personalized discussions about any health concerns. 

Free nutritional counseling will also be provided to any HONEY participant. With the opportunity of solo or group sessions, we are here to assist in anything you need.

How to Sign Up

After completing the brief application, you will be connected with a HONEY team member. If you are a current Cornerstone Care patient, please speak to a member of your care team and they will assist you with your referral for enrollment. From there, you will have access to everything this amazing program has to offer.

Click here for the sign-up document and turn it into Cornerstone Care HONEY Program: 501 W. High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 Fax: 724-627-0726.


Join us! You are invited to start a transformative journey with HONEY where our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way and championing each milestone. Our program is tailored to help you and your children achieve your best physical health through fitness, balanced meals, and accessible healthcare. Embark on a healthy journey for you and your family today!